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Losses in Power Devices (IGBT)

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    In power device, there will be losses.. my device is SiC IGBT.

    i know how to find Toff = toff + tf base on datesheet..
    but i dunno how to find Ton = doff +tr.


    can someone guide me along..
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    Read the data sheet and determine what the voltage that you will use to turn on the gate, the larger the voltage, the less voltage is actually seen by the junction across the collector to the emitter is when the device is on. This voltage needs to be determined, then read the voltage from the junction curves to determine the volt/amp curve. Power losses equal the voltage drop across the CE multiplied by the current flow through the gate. Your actual circuit load will determine the current flow which will then be used to determine your loss in the transistor.

    You may have to iterate your circuit one or two cycles ie crunch the numbers one or two times to approach the accuracy you need.
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