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Lost In The Dark?

  1. Mar 17, 2010 #1
    Lost In The Dark?....

    im a new time poster on this forum.....
    im a young man in the uk, and iv had a passion for the sciences since school.
    im abit of an eccentric, i dislike order and model
    However, from my first physics course at school, observing the reaction of bakeing soda and vinegar, a ping-pong ball caught in air flow or density experiments involving candy floss was enough to question my pov of trust in simple chaos and randomness and allow science to win my heart.
    i fealt like newton and his apple...a whole new window opened itself to me.
    i finaly appreciated what science was all about

    this for me however, has changed
    this is a totaly random observation, but i wanted to express it, perhaps to question my current mind set, perhaps to renew my faith in the sciences or perhaps to confirm its death to me

    funny enough, i didnt know of or intened to join this community....i stumbled upon it trying to work some idears surrounding the television show 'LOST', and the LHC at CERN.
    Funny i should be lead hear, not exactly the infomation hub regarding LOST, or even the LHC, but due to finding appropriate info regarding the LHC being a very difficult task, not that suprising.

    i googled, and was linked to a very old post on this forum

    it ressurected alot of thoughts and emotions regards these particular experiments, which i have always thought had split the physics world, and reached a level of grey unseen before.
    this made me laugh, and rember a young man in the park playing football one sunny sunday, who enquired to me the nature of these experiments, his freind piped up
    'its to find a cure for cancer'.....sensational :eek:

    to clarify...i love a good doomsday theory
    and so do the papers, so the media storm following statments regarding black-hole creation was to be expected, and in my dark manner, welcomed bye me...no matter how stupedous or crazed for a story
    but why was this the largest outlet for info regarding this to the public?
    pages full of speculations and blured facts

    what i want to disscuss is some of the posts in this thread
    some of the posts in this thread are very homourus regarding doomsday theorys, others speaking from 'fact' to squash any pov's regarding theorm or fear of impending disaster.

    but why is info so hard to get on the LHC....why is it easyier to arrive at..
    Experiment LHC - a doomsday theorm regarding black holes
    Experiment LHC - a world wide re-birth due to higgs boson

    i have seen many comments regarding higher particle collisions in are atmosphear, the presance of Hawkins black hole radiation theory, the dis-qulification of mono-poles due to there not yet assured exsitance, the tossing aside of stranglet theorm.
    and this made me think back to the young boy in the park and question.....
    is physics just becomeing, or in-fact become...

    the science mans vain muscle to flex?

    i thought the heart of physics beat with the witness of an experiment and its reactions, but in the case of the LHC, the biggest science endevour of my lifetime, is it not being built on speculation?
    somebody commented in the above linked post, of the fear he felt for the speculation seen in the papers regading black hole creation, which was disregarded bye somebody in what seems to be the typical manner regarding this, who stated....

    'you may as well fear ghosts'

    can ghosts be researched in a lab?...no
    is it therfore specultive to disregard there exsitance...yes
    can a black hole be researched in a lab?....no
    is its nature simply observerved from earth then specultive assumtions made....yes

    to me...higgs boson is as good as a ghost...should we not fear its un-known power?

    is the inter-dimensional research also being conducted not as far seperated from fact and fiction? and firmly camped in speculation with ghosts?

    the doomsday or 'event' ideals and fears some people had were crushed bye scientists who simply stated we know better than this fear
    considering the main media outlet and drive for this experiemnt was newspaper....typicly
    how can his fear be questioned?

    this is a lovely example of what im saying, and of physics

    the experiment conducted bye the media - scare story
    the experiments result on the public - fear

    why wasnt this properly balanced bye the science community?
    because just as little experimental evidence can be fronted to say all these scary storys wont happen? who knows

    do we not feal that physics is slowly becomeing a bigger power hungry pursuit of results, whatever the cost?
    as aposed to haveing TOTALY understood grounded results, which can be exposed to experiment in the appropriate conditions?
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