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Lost (TV Show) Equations

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    "Lost" (TV Show) Equations

    Recently my favorite tv show (Lost) featured an episode in which a bunch of equations were quickly presented on a cool little black light map. These equations are beyond the realm of most layman, so I figured Id come here to see if you guys have any idea what these equations could relate to.

    Enjoy :)

    http://www.4815162342.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13784" [Broken]
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    Quite interesting though ultimately quite pointless too...
    I see what looks like [tex] a(n)-r^2[5/7] [/tex] which am afraid to say doesn't seem to make any sense...butt, the image is distorted so I could also be wrong in choosing them out... within the jarbled lot I also see what resembles some form of temperature-related equation... [tex] G * 10^2 T [/tex] Where [tex] T [/tex] = Temperature and [tex] G [/tex] is the constant (?)
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    I'm a lost fan myself. Electromagnetism would make sense (and is indeed the equation used, only some div/grad representation of it, used to show a vector field, I believe)

    mu is not momentum, btw, I saw that on the hatch map thread. Mu is a constant for the magnetic permability of a medium (mu not would be space, but for Earth's atmosphere, I think it's a different mu.)


    If you saw the last episode of the last season, where they actually don't push the button, you see the magnetic field build up and a flashback where the original bunker boy (forgot his name) didn't push the button and that's supposedly what crashed the plane.

    I'm guessing the point is that there's some natural anomoly where the magnetic field builds up by some sort of 'natural electromagnet' that accumulates charge somehow, and by pushing the button, they release what charge has built up.

    It's also possible the electromagnet was designed by humans (military).
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