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  1. Mar 23, 2003 #1
    heya all, hows you?

    im pretty sure it wasnt too long ago that i checked posts on this board...now its all changed (sorry for being dense) i cudnt even login- sed my username didnt exist.......

    *confuddled* or jst plain stupid
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    Welcome to the new Forums, Angel! We had to switch servers because we got too big for our breeches (the old server didn't have enough bandwidth and told us to get lost). There was no way to bring the information over from the old forum, and I don't remember what your question was. You could post it again; everyone who responded to it is here, I think.
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    ahhh...that explains everything....thank you LURCH :)

    um..cant remember exactly word for word what my qtn was....

    it was to do with interstellar travel. i wanted to know the possibility of it actually being able to happen. iv got coursework to do, and it can be on anything we want it to be on, as long as its got summat to do with physics. so i chose interstellar travel, kinda wish i hadnt now, cos im not sure where im going with the whole thing- iv started talking about the problems involved, such as speed, propulsion and energy, but thats as far as i got.
    i dont really know where to go from there

    i did get some replies but it was waay to advanced for me to understand- im sure i will after doing the coursework, but i just need the basics to get me going.

    if anyone has any ideas of how to tackle this- ur help would be much appreciated :)


    TA x x
  5. Mar 24, 2003 #4
    ooh- and any ideas about wormhole, space time distortion and warp drives would also be useful.... :)
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