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Lottery probability

  1. Feb 22, 2009 #1
    Probability question

    How do I solve

    (m t) >= 8.26E6

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    I guess that you can represent it by a Poisson since N is large. I think that a Binomial( 1.859E-7, 19million) would describe X more accurately.

    If it were a binomial, then the expected value would be np = 19mil*1.859e-7. Your Poisson needs to have the same expected value, and since Poisson has only one parameter, lambda, which represents both the expected value and the variance, you know the answer.
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    Thanks, I solved it and changed the topic.
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    I don't understand the question
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    Re: Probability question

    Without knowing what "(m, t)" means, I don't see how anyone can help!
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