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Loughborough University

  1. Feb 9, 2007 #1
    I have applied to study electrical and electronic engineering at loughborough university. And i have yet to get a response. I was wondering if anybody else has applied to loughborough university and have recieved an offer. If so how long did it take?
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    I remember getting my offer from Loughborough for Mech Eng (a few years back), they were one of the first to reply.

    Phone them up and see what the deal is.
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    They are the last ones to get back to me i have had offers from york, nottingham, bath and leicester. But yet i have not heard from Loughborough. I have allready emailed them and still no reply. I dont want to phone them now because i have emailed them and they my think that i am impatient and pusy and so decline my application.
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    Suppose you'll have to wait and see then! I wouldn't imagine Loughborough would turn you down if Nottingham have offered though.
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    Why is that?
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    one other thing how did they contact you. Was it via email or through UCAS ?
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    Well if you've been accepted by other equally-reputable institutions, it's unlikely Loogabarooga will turn you down.

    Have no idea how they made me my offer. It wasn't by email, but I suspect they wrote to me before it went through UCAS.
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    I really want to goto Loughborough but there lack of response is really making me think twice. Which do you think is a better university Nottingham, Loughborough or York ?
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    Like Brewnog i got my offer from Loogabarooga very quickly, in fact my 1st. They contacted me by writing but I don't think E-Mail had been invented then :-/
    It really depends on so many factors, How clear cut you are, How many other candidates are being processed, Where your name comes in the alphabet, Even whether you went to the open day. I got unconditionals from Loogabarooga and Cranfield, but my oh crap option of Bath I got turned down for, probably because I didn't go for the interview, although I didn't go for an Interview at Looga either and they were 1st back.
    The only thing you can do is sit back and see what comes through the post, fretting is not going to change the result.
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    Good advice from Panda.

    In terms of the outcome of your degree, no employer is going to distinguish between Nottingham, Loogabarooga or York.

    Pick the one which gave you the warm fuzzy feeling when you visited. All three are in very different towns; do you want to be spending 3 years on a busy campus, in a vibrant city centre, or around a quieter town? Or make your decision based on something else, but not what some random guy on the internet tells you.
  12. Feb 12, 2007 #11
    I picked the one where Beer was £1 a pint and the bar never closes :-)
    Three Years at RMCS Shrivenham is a hard life, I put on nearly 3 stone...

    So long as you have an accredited degree and you work to your potential, and above all enjoy yourself the actual University stands for little.
    I have never had two candidates so close that we had to pick on University, if they are that close we take both.
  13. Feb 17, 2007 #12
    Okay ive got a place at Loughborough university. Now ive got a hard choice to make. Which university should i go for? Loughborough University or York University. Which is the better and more recognised University?
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    Of the two, I'd choose Loughborough.

    However, that's not based on anything to do with the university reputation. The two are too similar in terms of quality of undergraduate academic performance and quality of teaching.

    Make your decision based on something else. Visit the two. Talk to current students. Look at the accomodation. Look at the price of beer. Look at the live music scene, or the proximity to a good city for nights out. Whatever floats your boat.
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    I would sort of agree with that, considering the best engineers that I remember recruiting (in the UK) in the last 10 years got their first degrees in Russia, China, India, Turkey, and Bosnia.

    Their written and spoken English were better than most UK educated applicants, as well.
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    It's not so much about which is the better University as which one will be best for you.
    I don't know either very well but I have heard that Loogabarooga is quite far from civilisation.
    You need to factor in where your going to live, if you can pursue your hobbies without travelling the length of the country, where the nearest decent pub is and how much time will you spending their.
    Cranfield was an excellent University for me but a lot of people dropped out as they couldn't get on with the environment. If I had gone to Looga or Bath I doubt I would have had as much fun as I did in Cranfield.
    Go for a weekend to York and Looga and see what is there when your not studying.
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