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Love and Parallel Universes?

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    Supposing that parallel universes do exist does that mean that if you meet and are attracted to a woman or man in this world but don't or are unable to get together and fulfil a relationship with that person in this world for what ever reason that in some other parallel universe that the possibility of those two people getting together, falling in love and getting married etc is being played out?

    Is it possible that anything can travel from one universe to another, perhaps not physically but a feeling or dream?

    What do you think?
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    What is the point of losing sleep thinking about this hypothetical situation? Get back on the road. It was just a flat tire, and keep going.
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    Well I'm just wondering, that's all :smile:
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    An online Alternate Reality Game, 'Perplex City' explored these themes about a year ago.
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    Multiple universes theory of QM would seem to suggest that every QM outcome occurs so I guess it's possible, but it's really hard to go from QM to macroscopic things like people, and even harder to go to abstract emotions like love...
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    LOL! Only on PF would we see threads like these!
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    haha, you bring up an interesting notion (not unbeknownst to theorists before), but i'd have to side with Cyclovenom on this one...no point in dreaming about a universe that by definition, if it were to exist, we would never even hope to be able to observe on any level..go for what you can, and disregard the misses ;)
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    I'm pretty sure that Catherine Keener wouldn't give me the time of day in any universe.
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    No. I will not get together with Megan Fox in this universe, or any other fictional universe.
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    So in some parallel universe, I'm actually married to Marie Callender! That's so cool! I love her food!

    Of course, in that parallel universe, I probably lost all my teeth in a skiing accident and have to live on a liquid diet.
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    Your poor, parallel soul!
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    I've thought a mess about this and kinda woundered, "if I love it, I'll be in a paralell universe with it" but at the same time, what if I hate it? would that mean if I hate somthing I (know??) I'll be in a paralell universe with it? and then saying, "what if I'm in a paralell universe with somthing that I don't even know and then that paralell universe comes into THIS universe??"

    Sorta like a premintion effect, eg) vivid dream that occurs in life

    so in that thought, "am I constantly shifting universes with only the control I know how to achive??"

    but along the paralell universes, couldn't the near split between love/hate beacuse they're thought about so much single thing be errily simmilar to electrons? as in "you know they're there but it's almost impossible to tell where they are" 0_o...
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    Its like in Northern Lights (the book series) - the girl and boy are seperated by universes and they said they'll both sit on the same bench on the same night in their seperate universes... awwww! sweet :)
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    There's a funny result that this question brings up: seeing as in the many-worlds interpretation all possible worlds happen, it's really really really weird that we happen to be living in a world where I'm not dating my grandma and my neighbour isn't fighting a team of trained monkeys that just invaded the United States of Asia. There are way more ways to be crazy than sane. Hm, come to think of it, there should even be a universe where people prove a theory that they can access different universes. And one where everybody farts every 5 seconds.
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    In another universe they call breathing through your nose farting and think it's gross. And wonder what a world where everyone farts would be like.

    Of course you can guess where they obtain their oxygen
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    It's really strange if you think about the electrons further, as in, it's the electrons that keep you from many things really, actually, if I'm correct,
    its the electrons that keep events from occurring like in the matrix.(NOT TO MENTION THE 1/0 THING THAT NEO SEES...) Like so, if you have no electrons, you would likely fall apart.. or if the electrons weren't so constant and although quantum, wouldn't the electromagnetism of every object you see and feel, (not to mention yourself) cause you to, in some way, be in some kind of perceived alternate universe...? (and or look entirely different?) For example, I know that I could forgo an assignment and be home right now, where I don't have internet and lower further my grade. But due to the electromagnetic forces (if I'm correct..) I (am what I look like, where I am at 3:14pm, on earth,) and my senses can activate normally to my thoughts.

    But I also know this alternate universe where I am home probably watching icarly wanting something awesome to come onto the history channel, I'll do worse in my class.

    And in the same way, the electrons in their electron clouds have an almost impossible similarity. Simply that, you can never predict where EXACTLY the electron is, but lets say if you COULD, you could stop it, and cause a desired reaction. But in also, if you could predict the location of an electron, you could also predict the location of possibly 2 electrons at the same "time". And if you used this process on a larger scale, you could predict where you'd be "if you went home or not, you'd still be asleep at 10:00 or so," Knowing that som1 who can force you do to so, will be sure of it. Being paranoid about the future would be an immediate side effect though...

    and knowing all the events occurring in this situation, you'd know when and where to meet people but you could never meet yourself. (really, WHY??) But in this environment, where electrons are being predicted, controlled, people being able to literally walk through walls,
    (simply be altering the perceived universe and causing a result..)

    (also you could walk through people............ and any electronic device
    would fry.....) 0_o....

    you'd basically be a "ghost" in this respect......

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    Even though this breaks our rules on overly speculative (nonsense posts), I've let this go to see if something meaningful would occur.

    Nope, oh well.

  19. Sep 8, 2010 #18

    Math Is Hard

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    Something meaningful DID occur. But it was in a parallel universe. :frown:
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