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Love playing Playstation to get my head free - childish or allright?

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    I've noticed that especially when I have to do some serious work (like studying for an examn as the deadline gets closer) I play Playstation a lot. I have an old Playstation 2 in my living room and whenever I feel overwhelmed or stuck or just as a reward for having made progress in my studies, I love to just chill on my couch and play a quick game.

    When I study intense, or when I have like 6 or 8 hours of studying to look back on, I sometimes play every like 30 or 20 minutes (for a short gametime, of 5-10min). It kind of keeps me fresh and I feel capable of going back to study some more.

    I don't usually play because my head is full and has no more room for knowledge. It's something else. I think playing is rather a reward. So I have a system: Say, I understood something new (even if it's a small thing), or, say, I just finished writing another page of my examn preparation notes, then I want to reward myself. For me, it's not chocolate or music, it's playing.

    Of course, I used to say to myself: Playing is stupid, try to fill that time with a hobby or distraction that makes more sense. Like drawing (which is something I also do). But I noticed that e.g. drawing gets you involved quickly, and I loose focus on studying. That's why on Playstation, I almost exclusively play sports or racing or fighting games (they do not have storylines, they don't get me involved).

    Also, I truly loved games (especially fancy 3D graphics) since I can remember. I don't know if this is a way to justify my gaming, but I remember that my interest in games got me into programming way ahead of my fellow students. Also, I tend to draw characters from my favourite games. I know games are nerdy, but I like them.

    What do you think about this? Am I wasting my time and just looking for ways to justify a stupid hobby? Or should I just stop worrying and enjoy games as long as it's not an obsession and as long as they don't dominate my studying sessions?

    What do you think?
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    Why would it not be alright to play a video game?

    I don't get this thread...
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