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Love stincks

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    so i was watching a movie. a guy who's engaged with a girl from his city meets a girl who just moved from another city to this one and these 2 people fall in love with each other. now the guy just doesn't know what to do. he's promised his girlfriend to marry her but he's desperately in love with this new girl. somehow by watching this movie, you get the feeling that his love for his grilfriend's been just a crush and the same in his girlfriend side.(i mean they just decided to love and marry each other since they hadn't have more options to choose between them) On the other hand his love for the second girl sounds more deeply and stablished base on good reasons. and we see that his girlfriend is going to force him to marry her anyway(by getting help from other people,leaving the city...)
    now i want to know
    what do you think this guy should do? forgetting about his dream woman and marry his girlfriend? or what?(morality or wisdom?)
    what would you do if you were in the shoes' of any of these three people?
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    no brainer i'd marry my dream girl because that sort of thing is FOR LIFE. i'd marry my dream girl, & we'd get our dream jobs, buy our dream house, have dream kids, etc etc. i wouldn't even waste time with a girlfriend if i knew she wasn't my dream girl.

    ps- what movie is that? it's not 13 going on 30 but sounds a bit similar
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    What's with all the questions on ethics all of a sudden?
    Those two conditions seem mutually inconsistent. A guy meeting a girl who 'just moved' into the same city, cannot have a more deeply and established basis for a relationship. Sounds like the guy is infatuated with the new girl. If this is the case, then he should not marry his girlfriend/fiance. In fact, he should not marry any woman, nor should he promise to marry any woman, until he gets his act together.

    Tough. That is the way life is. One makes a choice, and one must deal with the consequences.

    I would hope that people give more thought and deliberation to important relationships like marriage. Such a relationship is not to be taken so lightly.
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    Oh, this is an easy one...he's not ready for marriage yet if his head can be so easily turned by someone new. But, it's a movie. In reality, he'd be too afraid to call off a wedding and face the public embarrassment, would cheat during the marriage, eventually would get caught, would get divorced, at which time the woman he was cheating with would realize she didn't really want anything serious, just a fling, and would dump him when he got too serious, and he'd be left alone with a huge alimony payment. :devil: Or maybe that's just the sequel. :uhh:
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    I once had a girlfriend whom I thought I was in love with and had considered marrying one day. Never made any promises though.
    Eventually I realized that our relationship wasn't going anywhere and I left her. Very shortly after that I met "the girl of my dreams" and fell in love with her almost instantly. It wasn't until then that I realized I had never really been in love with any other girl. I had kinda felt that was the case but only then did I know for sure.
    So I don't think it is very unlikely that someone could fall in love in a very short period of time. I also think that it is incredibly common for people to get married when they only think they are in love with someone but in reality are just comfortable with the person and have never known what it is to really be in love.
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    I think people make an irrationally big deal about "love." There's attraction, and then there's affection, both in varying degrees. THats about it.
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    :bugeye: :bugeye:
    when Einstein said everything should be made simpler but not abit simpler he meant this!:biggrin: people why do you tend to see everything in black and white? he's not ready to marry or whatever. these two people spend 1 year or more together. in some situation you even get to find your soulmate after being with her/him for a short time. thank you very much anyhow. i got some good points of your posts! although your conclusion belong to your own stories not mine! :smile:

    and dear, don't try to find this story amongs famous movies. it's just a silly tv show belong to 80th. :biggrin:
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