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    One does not think about love or wonder about it, only feels it. It is the buisiness of poetry. And the only true philosophers are poets.

    The sands of a philosopher's heart mingle and whirl
    Perchance that love sets, he findseth a pearl heheheh
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    You sound as if you are quite smitten, that should qualify you for this thread, haa haa.

    Here is a good one that I have always loved, if you identify with it 100%, my goodness, you have it baaaaaaaaad .

    And all my days are trances
    and all my nightly dreams
    are where thy dark eye glances
    and where thy footstep gleams

    - Edgar Allen Poe
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    Poe was quite the genius. He married his cousin ... so did Einstein. That is smitten! The last time I was smitten was when there was this Filipina girl around here. She worked at the shopette. One day I went to talk to her, as she was stocking bread, and she left. She said someone called her and she'd be right back, but actually this was a lie to get me to leave. Some girls are too "nice" to admit they don't want to talk to you. Of course, it was because I scared her. I look like a stalker. Anyways, I cried the rest of the day.

    There have only been about 10 girls in my life that have had that effect on me. Evolutionists claim that love is an evolutionary mechanism to get us to mate with someone with good genes-- which in turn defines "beauty." But I have seen many very beautiful women, women that other people would tell me are beautiful, and 99% of the time I have no attraction or even like for them. I'm celibate anyways, and I would be content in never having kids of my own-- although I love children. One can expereince a hightened state of love when one is celibate, by the way, because it is possible to transmute the sexual energy into love energy.
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