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I Lovely Integral

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    So I was solving a problem and I had to find the solution for ∫dx/sen(x) and I found this, but because the forum is in french I wasn't able to understand the solution :P (especially the last two steps)


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    Here is the translation from French to English:

    ##\sin = \sin##
    ##\cos = \cos##
    ##\tan = \tan##
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    I do hereby nominate you for "funniest post of the year".

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    utterly helpful
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    Part of the problem is that this looks like a schoolwork problem, so you have misposted it in the technical math forums. It belongs in the Homework Help forums, and you should fill out the HH Template when you re-post it there. That includes showing your work on trying to figure it out.

    Thread is locked. Please re-post in the Homework Help, Calculus & Beyond forum, and show your attempts when you fill out the HH Template there.
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