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Medical Low carb diets

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    I remember reading that one of the reasons that the Atkins diet appeared to work was that proteins satisfy hunger more quickly then carbohydrates, so that the dieter feels full sooner.
    How long before a meal should I eat a piece of protein and how much do I need to eat to turn my nose up at a plate of chips (french fries)?
    To go along with the small bit of protein is there an inert substance that I can eat safley to give a feeling of fullness?
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    We have a sign where I work that says, "One test is worth a thousand expert opinions."

    It seems to been it would be fairly easy to test whether what you read is correct or not.
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    eat your lean protein with your meal. for bulk, non-starchy vegetables. some fat will makes you feel fuller, but you want to regulate that and it won't be inert.

    there are some inert substances like chitosan, but having tried it i can understand why almost no one uses it. it's not at all fun. for more info, you might want to google for drumlib.
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    I believe there was an article recently on Physorg that claimed that a low carb diet can lead to hard arteries and heart attacks.
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