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Low composition of sodium in table salt?

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    low composition of sodium in table salt????

    today i went to supermarket for buying some food, and i discovered that some salt which is low amout of sodium??how can it be?as i learnt from chemistry , the ratio of sodium and chloride is 1 to 1 .
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    Table salt is not just sodium chloride, it has other type of salt. You should read the ingredient list on the side of salt box.
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    Yes, this kind of salt is specially prepared so that the overall sodium chloride percent is low. They are using potassium chloride, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, as I know.
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    Low sodium

    Low sodium in salt's more important from a physiological point of view as sodium causes water retention and therefore increases blood pressure. Potassium, calcium etc don't and therefore don;t carry the same risks for cardiovascular disease.
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