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Low-Cost DAQ System

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    Hi !
    Happy New Year !
    Now to the question :)
    I am looking for a cheap DAQ for my PocketPC 2003 Toshiba e805 or for WinCE 4.2 NEC Mobilepro 900c. Eventually the DAQ can be a PCI board.
    The Toshiba accpets CF I/II cards and the NEC - CF I/II and PCMCIA cards.
    Every suggestion, opinion, etc is welcome !
    Also if someone can recommend an online retailer - feel free to share !

    Thanks !
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    i would contact the manufacturer of the instrument that you are taking measurements from to see if it has an option for PCMCIA.
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    The price was $445 at ebay. NI seemed to be selling PCMCIA cards for over $1000.

    This table of supported devices for DAQmx software doesn't have column for Windows CE, but DAQmx software itself does have a Windows CE version. It might be wise to contact NI or do further research before buying, to make sure the device is supported on your operating system.
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    PCMCIA and Windows CE drivers?
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    That is the problem :) I have the device that logs the data, but not the sensors :)
    MisterX - Thank you ! But ebay was the first place I went through :)
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