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Low frequency timer / flasher

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    I want to build a low frequency, uneven cycle flasher somewhere around 10 seconds on, 5 seconds off. I planned on using a 555 timer and a MOSFET to drive my load, a small DC motor. Are there any other suggestions for something at low frequency? I'm just concerned at the R and C values needed for such low frequency as I might be able to buy a cheaper timer already assembled.

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    Do you expect that since you need such timing control for your 555 that "the R and C values needed" will be expensive? What is the cost of one resistor and one capacitor combined?

    A cheaper timer might be constructed by placing a gerbil on a rotary treadmill. You could mount a contactor near the circumference to energise a microswitch each revolution. You'd need to teach the gerbil the correct timing, and also feed him or her, so it might be cheaper to stick with the 555 timer.

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    I believe what bobbywhy is saying, is that one R and C probably aren't going to cost you that much.

    Use Mouser.com to find some L and C with $ values.
    http://www.mouser.com/Passive-Components/Capacitors/_/N-5g7r/ [Broken]
    http://www.mouser.com/Passive-Components/Inductors/_/N-5gb4/ [Broken]

    Also, you could try using an oscillator. I would suggest a Wien bridge oscillator.

    That way, you would buy 2 R and 2C instead of one C and one L

    You would have to change the duty cycle of the Wien Bridge oscillator. Im trying to find the circuit for that....
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    Well, I didn't think they would, but I think the original documentation and formulas I had misled me. Originally, I looked at the calculations and thought that even with R values in the 100 kohm ranges I would need very large $5+ capacitors to make the high time what I needed. I see now that even with 7.5k and a 1mF cap I'll be in the range I need.
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