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Low GPA No future?

  1. Aug 5, 2009 #1
    I am a double major (physics, comp sci) at a small relatively unknown college. I am a senior and will graduate in 2010. I want to go to engineering school (mechanical) but my GPA is kind of in the toilet. Right now after this summer its sitting at about 2.9. Thus the best I can do before graduation (34 credit hours left for the year) is a 3.2. Since that is unlikely(I would have to make all A's), I want to know if its possible to get into grad school with a GPA like mine? Second, if its not possible, is there any way to improve this? Im a hard worker, but my freshman and sophomore years I was a bit, how do you say, lazy...
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    What is you Math/Comp Sci GPA? Second, I would try to change the whole "I'm probably not going to get all As" attitude. It will be tough, but with a low GPA and small chances of getting into grad school, shouldn't you be thinking more along the lines of "I NEED to get all As my last two semesters, NO exceptions." Do you have any research experience? Do you eventually want to get a PhD? If so, I would bust balls my last two semesters, apply to low-medium ranked schools for your MS, bust serious balls over there, do research etc. and then apply to higher ranked PhD programs. Or you could stay in undergrad a fifth year, do research, and take courses to boost your GPA, but I would instead opt to go to a master's program, assuming you get in.
  4. Aug 5, 2009 #3
    Very true. I am more determined then I make it seem, and will do everything possible to achieve the best marks possible. Second, No I am not pursuing a PhD, but I do want a MS in engineering. Perhaps if I do really well on the GRE? I have a knack for standarized tests. Do you mean my phys/comp sci GPA? It is about the same sadly.
  5. Aug 6, 2009 #4
    Small shameless bump and I have another question.

    The general GRE is the test I want to take correct? I know I could take the physics GRE but most engineering schools dont care about it. So I need to know is there a nother test I need to take or is the general GRE it?
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