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Low GPA story

  1. May 29, 2013 #1
    So,i'm from India.I'm a economics major.I want to do an MBA after this.Now the problem is,my first year GPAs are horrid.HORRIBLE.We have 6 semesters here in India.I'm studying in one pf the,if not the most prestigious school here.

    Sem 1- 2.69
    sem 2-2.95
    Sem 3-3.7
    Sem 4-3.6
    Sem 5-3.7
    Sem 6-3.8

    i haven't given my GMAT yet,but i have worked my a** off for it,and i'm sure i'll do well.
    The only thing i'm worried about it,my first year GPA.It was just very difficult for me to deal with things in the first year.I did'nt party or anything,but it took me a lot of time to adjust,and honestly speaking my laid back attitude and low confidence did not help.I'm having sleepless nights over this.Do i still have a chance? i'm a 20 year old female from india.PLEASE help.
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  3. May 31, 2013 #2
    You have a final GPA of 3.8 and you're worried about getting into graduate school? Even if we averaged them out you still have a 3.41 out of 4. That's a pretty good GPA and you've showed continued improvement, there's no reason why those first 2 semesters should be that detrimental to you, especially since you think you did well on the GMAT. It only takes a 3.0 to get into most graduate schools, higher is of course better. The prestige of your school with also account for something too, just apply and see what happens. No need to stress now
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