Low RPM autosuficient system project calculations

  1. I have a cart which is moved by a wench. One of the wheels will have an alternator used for wind applications at 1032 RPM (after multiplier). At 1032 RPM the alternator produces 13A 90V. I also have a 1:5 multiplier installed. I am thinking of buying two VMAX SLR175 Solar Battery with 175 AH, in series for a total of 12V and 350 AH. The battery will power P6 LV AC Series rotary valve. My biggest concern is that when the rotary valve is used the cart is sitting still and the alternator will not be working, so all the power will come directly from the battery. For every cycle the alternator will work for 5 min charging, while the battery powering the rotary valve will run for 28 sec. Will be system be autosuficient? Is there something I have not considered?

    List of components:
    -Alternator http://www.promationei.com/docs/datasheets/P6_TDS_LAC.pdf

    -battery http://store03.prostores.com/servlet/vmax/the-73/vmax--AGM-battery/Detail


    -multiplier gearbox http://www.baldor.com/products/deta...&product=Gear+Products&type=Ratio+Multipliers
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