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Homework Help: Low Temperature System?

  1. Nov 3, 2005 #1
    This is my solid state physics report questions but I think it's related to thermodynamics or something. I have never taken a course in that respect and I have no clue:frown: . Please tell me what books or websites I can look for the answer. THX!!!
    1. Lattice heat capacity Debye T3 law is valid only at low temperature. How to decrease and measure the sample temperature from 300 K down to 1-2 K?
    (Hint: check the low pressure He4 phase diagram)
    2. Describe as much as you can on the principle of any low temperature heat
    transport system to measure the temperature variation of thermal conductivity κ(T) down to 1-2 K?

    (Hint) ju = - κ∇T with κ = (L/A)(ΔW/ΔT) for a long rod sample with uniform cross section A and L = Δx between temperature difference ΔT, where K ≡ ΔW/ΔT is thethermal conductance
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