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Low turn on voltage diodes

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    I'm wondering if anyone knows the model number of a diode, which has a low forward turn on voltage, and has through-hole termination.

    I am aware of the BAT54 Schottky diode series. The turn on voltage is as low as ##0.2 V## for some models, but the problem is they are surface mount components. I intend to use a breadboard for an initial design, so I need through-hole specifically. I may consider surface-mount if I can get my hands on a PCB later on.

    If you happen to know any good products, please let me know the model number.

    Thank you.
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    What is the application? Can you fashion an active circuit using an op-amp?
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    If you need a specific part that you can't find a suitable through hole substitute then use the real deal on an adapter:

    This is the brand I usually use but many others exist.

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    BAT48 (DO-35 package) and BAT 85 (DO-34 package) are both through hole and have very similar characteristics to the part you mention. Plus, they're widely available from all the usual distributors.
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    1N5711 has nearly identical IV curve to BAT48
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