Low Voltage Power Inverter

  1. Hey guys, I need to make a power inverter that will take in .1-.3 volts, and the output needs to be as high as possible.
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    Is that the output voltage or current you'd like to allow be as high as possible? If output voltage, what do you consider acceptably high, and at how many milliamps? What is the application you have in mind?

    You really do need to be less vague in framing requests for advice here, to encourage those who may be able to help you. You'll discover that mind-reading is not everyone's specialty. :wink:
  4. best I know of the the joule thief (search for it). Not sure how low it actually goes though.
  5. If you're converting any significant amount of power, you'll have a lot of current. MOSFETs designed for synchornous rectification and a highly specialized transformer with a copper strap primary are probably the best bet.
    I don't think there's anything like that off the shelf.
    Some converters, like the NCP1400 series, will operate down to .3 volts if you raise their output to a couple of volts first.
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