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Lower explosvie limit

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    Can the lower explosive limit (LEL) be calculated for a gas composition if you have each components LEL but not the mixtures LEL? Or does this need to be determined experementially?
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    Good bloody question.

    I don't know.

    Easy answer would be to determine experimentally. I would imagine the difficult answer involves looking at the part pressures of each individual component gas in the mixture to give you an air/fuel ratio for each component, and assuming that the component with the lowest LEL will ignite the rest (though reaction kinetics being complicated as they are, I doubt this would be correct!).

    I don't know. Perhaps asking a mod nicely to move this to the chemistry house would be more useful?
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    Section 2.3 of http://www.pnl.gov/main/publications/external/technical_reports/PNNL-13933Rev1.pdf" [Broken] and references therein.
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