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Lowly Pion and rewebster MIA

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    Does anyone know what happened to them?

    LowlyPion was our most prolific HH until he disappeared without a trace several months ago. He'd had a fight with a mentor, but I can't believe that would have driven him off, he was too well liked.

    rewebster said he was dying from having had the flu for several weeks, we were in the middle of a debate and he suddenly disappeared. I can't imagine him giving up when he was winning. He was very, very sick.

    Anyone know what happened? Or how to reach them?
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    I had kinda figured LP got fed up with the P&WA debates but if he was a HH then that probably does not make much sense.
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    It really is unsettling when people vanish, I hope they are ok.
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    One of the nicest sweetest women of the PF pointed this thread out to me.

    Evo, what was our discussion about?

    does the absence make the discussion grow fonder?
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    So you're alive. That's good to know.

    My friends dog died last night. He was really sick and they didn't have enough money to take him to the vet. I didn't want to be there when he died, but not only was I there, I was the one who noticed him convulsing for a few seconds until he died.
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