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LPG Cylinder

  1. Feb 27, 2004 #1
    The change in pressure, caused by the release of gas from an Lpg cylinder, will cool the contents.

    i am pretty sure that it does cool the contents.

    would the water vapour condense on the surface of the bottle and freeze?
    if the gas continues to be released.
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    Ideal Gas Law: PV= NRT. If Pressure is decreased while Volume remains the same (as in a rigid metal "bottle") Temperature decreases.

    "would the water vapour condense on the surface of the bottle and freeze?"

    Yes, water vapour in the air outside bottle will form a frost on the bottle. It melts fairly rapidly once you have stopped releasing the gas. When I was young and foolish (I'm not young any more), I worked at a place that dispensed LPG. You had to be very careful not freeze your own hand!
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    It is the same with CO2 fire extinguishers - if you hold the cone shaped nozzle when using it, you'll freeze your hand to it!
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    alright thanx for your time and great replies
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