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Homework Help: L'ptsle's rule (spelt wrong)

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    It works for 0/0 or infinity/infinity

    Does it work for -infinity/infinity? wiki suggests no.

    Books give examples for lim xln(x) and does it and appplies this rule. HOwever it's really -infinity/infinity!
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    Gib Z

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    Of course it works for -infinity/infinity! Thats because (if and only if the limit exists) [tex] \lim_{x\to a} - f(x) = - \lim_{x\to a} f(x)[/tex]. The second part is one of the cases you know it works.
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    Are you talking about l'Hopital, or l'Hospital's rule? If so, that is a weird spelling in the title!
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    LOL! Damn ... I've never seen it butchered that badly. Good laugh, thanks :-] no offense either :p
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