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LQG and the multiverse

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    In LQC (which is something like a toy moidel for LQG) one can derive the so-called big bouce scenario. As far as I can see it is common belief that LQG will lead to something similar. But couldn't full LQG be a "matrix" for a multiverse theory, where - due to quantum fluctuations - baby universes are spawned from a huge spin foam?
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    Tom I think so, but it is too late at night for me to think about this.
    I don't know what would be gained by a theorist developing this idea, but something MIGHT be gained. There might be seen some motivation.
    My bias is that I think we mainly want to understand this universe that we are in, as best we can, and as deeply as possible.

    I can't see what the motivation would be for postulating a huge foam, out of which baby universes can spring. But I think some theorist might someday see a purpose to do this, and my intuitive feeling is that it would be possible to construct such a spinfoam model.
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