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    Hello everyone,

    does anybody of you know, whether there are some publications/blog entries/ideas/anything on possibilities of experimental verification/falsification of Loop Quantum Gravity at collider experiments? I know, there are predictions that can be tested with astrophysical experiments like GLAST, but it would be interesting to know, if anyone has ever thought of possible LQG applications, for example, at the LHC.

    Thank you very much in advance!
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    LQG doesn't predict any particle content (getting particles into LQG is currently an issue itself). So no, it doesn't make any predictions for the LHC. It is essentially a purely gravitational theory and agnostic towards what other physics is put in, like GR.

    Regarding your GLAST comment, there is no consensus over whether LQG predicts a non-linear vacuum dispersion relation for light.

    So I don't know of any LQG experimentally accessible predictions. Maybe some of the other posters do.
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