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LQG Resource site

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    Here is a new LQG resource site.
    http://sites.google.com/site/quantumgravitytheory/" [Broken]

    I hope it will be useful.
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    It's potentially a useful site. Thanks for setting it up and telling us about it! I hope you find more stuff to add, especially online video lectures and seminar talks. But also online books and review articles.

    You can also take in links which other people have collected, that you select as especially valuable or useful. Like Dan Christensen at the U of West Ontario has a bunch of LQG resource links at his website. You could pick what you think are the best ones out of his, and add to yours. Or if you think his whole LQG list is good you could just link to it. Like being a "meta-site".

    In any case, good luck with it.
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    Thanks Marcus.
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