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A LQG wiki page in book

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    Go to amazon.co.uk and do a search for:

    Quantum Gravity & Gravitational Waves: " Ripples in The Curvature of Space-Time " Paperback – 7 Dec 2015 by Edited by Paul F. Kisak (Author)

    Look inside the book on the chapter on loop quantum gravity. The guy has taken the wikipedia page on LQG and just pasted it into his book. The thing is I wrote most of that wikipedia page. (user name "Ibayn").

    The wiki page is incomplete, probably mistakes, parts need more clarification (and it covers mostly canonical LQG, not so much covariant LQG). But now I dont want to edit the wiki page if somebody is just going to put it in their book and make money off it. I've written 178 pages of notes on covariant loop quantum gravity and was planning on putting together a new wikipedia page Called "Covariant loop quantum gravity" as well at some point but maybe not now.

    I've been writing numerous notes on GR and LQG (where write up details of calculations) some of which I might want to self publish as books myself - I've already put up some of the notes on wiki, I've wanted to put up more but what if somebody takes what I put up, paste it into a book, and calls it copyright material?

    I've written up all of/a lot of the material in the wiki pages

    "Hamiltonian constraint of LQG" - I'm missing stuff on matter coupling there and inclusion of their qunatization.

    "Tetradic Palantini action"

    "Self-dual Palatini action" - important proofs of stuff I could not find in any text and only came across in some quasi-paper, I have written up on wiki and checked it is correct. I've included the derivation of Ashtekar's formalism from the Self-dual action.

    "Ashtekar variables" page.

    "Quantum configuration space".
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    Without attribution? That's shameful. No wonder if you are upset.

    Hopefully some PF members will be able to offer informed suggestions as to what to do. One thing---his copyright cannot cover what was already published in Wikipedia, or so i think. It doesn't prevent you from going ahead with your self-published book project. You could go ahead, and in the appropriate chapter TELL THE STORY of discovering that this other guy already had taken your work without asking or attributing. It's disgusting but in a way also kind of flattering.
    Be proud your work is excellent enough to excite thievery :woot: Telling the story would add a bit of human interest to your book.
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    I was curious so I took a look at the Amazon page. Technically Kasik is listed as an editor, not an author, and has "edited" (and self-published) at least 16 books, covering a very wide range of subjects, in the last 6 months. They appear to be self-published through CreateSpace, a self-publishing division of Amazon, and consist solely of Wikipedia material.

    A Copyright/Attributes page wasn't available in the previews so I don't how he attributes to Wikipedia. But since Wikipedia uses a Creative Commons license, he's probably legal.
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    Post a review of the book on Amazon and point out where the material comes from.
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    I've written 178 pages of notes on covariant loop quantum gravity and was planning on putting together a new wikipedia page Called "Covariant loop quantum gravity" as well at some point but maybe not now.

    i would be interested in reading your posts 178 pages of notes on covariant loop quantum gravity, if not in wikipedia, then in a pdf from your homepage. makes no difference to me if you post it on wikipedia or somewhere else.
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    Hmm would it be an idea to elucidate some ideas and results as insights?
    I'm interested in finding out some more rigorous results about LQG but don't have the time for it at the moment.

    I started on Rovelli's book a while back but can't continue at the moment.
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    That just might work... :thumbup:

    Maybe other members here could do the same...

    As usual... it seems fairly unfairly complicated...[COLOR=#black]..[/COLOR]:headbang:
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    And I could mention that the chapter on LQG is incomplete, there are probably some mistakes, a few parts that are weak, and it needs updating. And that I intend to improve the article.

    I can also point out that Wikipedia has a built-in book creator that lets anyone create ebooks from Wikipedia articles and that they can then use wiki's official partner print-on-demand service PediaPress to have a custom printed book made (not sure how the prices are worked out though).

    If you look at the amazon page, at About the Author it says he is a former Intelligence Officer for the US intelligence Community. What if I annoy him he could have bumped off :nb).
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    Will post it when it is a bit more complete and less disjoint. I'm mainly filling in details of calculations, giving detailed explanations of the maths involved starting at an introductory level. It is kinda based around the Rovelli/Vidotto book - but it is a non profit, hopefully helpful stepping stone to do with the maths involved, and also giving more details about background information to this excellent book. I'm writing it to help myself understand it better, and hopefully other people. I add parts now and then in my spare time.
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    i can respect that. still i wouldn't mind reading what u have thus far since i can be impatient ;)
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    If you message me and give me your email I'll send what I've done so far.
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    ok done :)
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    Hopefully you should have it now.
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    i do thanks.
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    Julian, when you add content to Wikipedia, you are making a gift to the world. If that gift is copied and printed, even in someone's book they sell, more people will read it, and you should be MORE happy, as more people are benefitting from your gift. Also, readers of that book might then research more deeply and find more of what you've written, increasing your readership. It would be unfair, and illegal, if the book creator was claiming authorship -- but that doesn't seem to be the case here. So... I think you should be honored and flattered.
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