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LRC circuit

  1. Jan 15, 2005 #1
    I don't Know if I put my post in the right forum but
    How can i using LRC circuit in plasma??
    Could any one help me
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    What do you mean by "How can i using LRC circuit in plasma??"?

    A plasma is a conductor, a VERY HOT conductor.

    In a confinement system such as a Tokamak, the plasma is heated by induction heating. It is confined by a toroidal magnetic field. The induction system and confinement magnets are separate systems.

    The current induced in a plasma also induces its own magnetic field.

    Other methods of heating a plasma include microwave heating and neutral beam heating.
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    I'm sorry :blushing:
    my Question is not realy clear
    i mean How can i representing plasma By LRC?
    i don't Know is it clear now? beacause my language isn't very good
    Thank you
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