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LSD experiments and transforming into prehistoric reptiles

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    Perhaps some of u have read this article about the 'holographic universe':


    I was always especially interested in this part of it:

    Now of course it is well known that drugs can screw with ur mind. However i was wondering if anyone here has heard of these or similar experiments, and whether these 'transformations' into prehistoric reptiles have been explained in some way.
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    Well ive read of loads of experiences of people on hallucinogens either seeing themselves as reptiles or seeing others as reptiles ive also read two accounts of people being raped by reptiles one who was on dmt the other who was under past life regression. It seems to be a pretty common theme, i also read about a hypnotherepist who used his own methods on himself and started to see people shift into reptiles during his day to day existance.

    The best explaination ive heard is simultaneous incarnations, i.e. some people's souls exist both as a human and also in some other part of space time/parallel universe as humanoid reptiles. Iv heard about people being regressed and existing as these life forms, describing themselves hunting and eating mammals and feeling quite disgusted and shaken by the whole thing afterwards.
    Basically the whole subject is very very weird and its just about insane sounding enough for most people to ignore or shake their head at. But ive heard too many people recount the same experience to put it down to the imagination running wild.

    Make of that what you will ive got no hard evidence and i doubt anyone else has either, but alot of people seem to be noticing the same phenomena, and its not the first time someones brougt it up.
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    Interesting :) Perhaps the incarnations-theory has some substance to it, alien abductees sometimes mention reptillian beings.

    Also, wasnt there a period when the American government conducted secret LSD experiments on people? I vaguely remember reading something about that.

    Id be very interested to hear what kind of results these had.
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    Watch the movie "Altered States". Guy does lots of drugs and regresses into a caveman.

    Seeing lizard people must be a regional thing, cause I know lots of people who have done drugs, and no one here ever saw any lizard people. The ladies sisters boyfriends cousin probably owns two lizards. Hallucinations are always based on something you had already seen at some point in time. You can see your friend as a clown, or dog, or even a lizard. Hard to imagine what a hallucination is like until you have one. They can look and sound very convincing and real.
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    Sounds like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
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