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LSST and Pan-STARRS, monitoring the whole sky, much more deeply

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    http://www.lsst.org/lsst_home.shtml" [Broken] (Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System) are both proceeding apace, with the Pan-STARRS prototype telescope (PS1) already installed (though without a camera, as yet).

    Neither of these gets much coverage, yet the advance they will make, in terms of sky coverage (depth, completeness, frequency, ...), over what we have today, is mind-boggling. And, they are largely complementary, if only because the LSST will be in the south, and Pan-STARRS is in Hawaii.

    The LSST webpage recently got a make-over, with lots of nicely written material on what it will be able to do ...

    The end for amateur comet hunting, supernova finding, PHA detecting, and even (perhaps) AAVSO?

    What do you think?
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