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LU decomposition of matrix

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    Actually I am new to this topic.
    I read few tutorials about LU decomposition of matrix in the net.
    A = LU ; A - actual matrix, L - Lower triangular matrix, U - Upper triangular matrix.Few people say that, principal diagonal elements of L should be unity.
    Some others say that, principal diagonal elements of U should be unity.
    Pls clarify.
    or else suggest me some suitable method for LU decomposition of a matrix.
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    Thanks, chiro.
    Wikipedia says,
    "The factorization is unique if we require that the diagonal of L (or U) consist of ones."
    Fine. Either 'L' or 'U' has to have unity diagonal elements.
    Algorithms for LU decomposition that I can see in the net follows 'L' to have unity diagonal elements. But my problem requires 'U' to have unity diagonal elements.
    Could pls suggest such algorithm.
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    Ya. Got it.
    Attached that file.
    Pls check and correct me if anything is wrong.
    Thanks all.

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