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Luboš Motl's reference frame down?

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    "Luboš Motl's reference frame" down?!

    Lately, I have tried on several occasions to access Lubos' web log.. the operation timed out every time. Anybody knows what's up? "Not Even Wrong" makes no mention of anything wrong (Peter Woit would normally, I guess, be the first one to voice out any problem...). Or is it something to do with blogspot? "Preposterous Universe" is seemingly similarly "down"...
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    today I got Lubos blog no problem

    all week I get Lubos no problem

    the problem is with you

    the reason you are having trouble may be that Lubos (maybe about a week ago, or 10 days?) adopted a new format to display formulas----something about "MIME TYPE"
    and your computer could be choking on the formulas
    you might have to install a little application in your computer to read Lubos formulas

    my computer almost chokes, then it decides to ignore the new format messages and not bother with displaying the formulas. Then it burps and it goes ahead and displays the text

    Lubos site is not down

    a clueful person here will probably tell you how to remedy the trouble
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    Re: "Luboš Motl's reference frame" down?!

    It looks as if it's been hacked.

    Do a Google on "Lubos Motl" and one of the return results is: "The Reference Frame: Hacked: Hadley CRU FOI2009 Files"
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