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Lucid dreams

  1. Dec 27, 2014 #1
    Just wondering if anyone has had lucid dreams and the impact its had on the you way you look at life today?

    this seemed like the best place to post this subject ... :)

    iv recently just discovered all this quantum entanglement wizardry and im not a physicist but after watching the two slit experiment things arnt quite what i thought :)

    so just wondering about your thoughts on lucid dreams where you become the observed as well as the observer :)
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    Its probably not an unexplainable/spiritual phenomena. i tried astral projection in my lucid dreams a couple times (whenever i managed to think to do so lol), and i was wrong in what i saw.
    Still, its pretty fun XD.
    Ive noticed the best way to get it to happen is to take a nap after waking up in the morning. for some reason it becomes much more likely for it to happen when you take a nap.
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    Lucid dreams are fun when you can manage to have them. The first ones I had were like out-of-body experiences, so being a scientist, I put an unread newspaper on top of a high shelf, so I could test whether I was having real OOBEs. I found that I couldn't read the headlines as I was flying around the room during my lucid dreams, so I knew that they were just fun things to enjoy (instead of some real phenomenon). :-)
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    Yes, I have lucid dreams. Much less common now than when I took an interest in the dreaming process. As to impact on my life, no greater than marmalade. I like both; I should miss both were I never to have them again; but no deep significance. I think the neuroscience has been researched somewhat, though there are probably some interesting things still to be discovered. All in all much less interesting than the phenomenon of dreaming in general.
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    the obes are just lucid dreams , its just that you see yourself , no mystery phenomena world .
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    what do you mean "wrong in what i saw" ?
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    well when i "left my body", i saw things laying around that were out of order/different in some way like a coke can was missing from my dresser etc.

    Usually when it happens to me its accompanied by sleep paralysis or a feeling of vibration in my spine or heart palpitations which seem to be a common experience among lucid dreamers (as far as i know nobodys ever "forgot to keep their heart beating" and died as a result lmao)

    As i understand, during a dream state theta waves increase in frequency, also interesting to note that theta waves are induced by thc as well lmao *whistles nonchalantly*
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    They amaze me how you can manipulate the laws of physics and create anything you like just with a thought.

    its diffecult to create more than what's on earth allready........ Super flying powers and jumping off skyscrapers is fun :)

    its amazing how logic your thoughts become in them .
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    That is a weak test, I could continue to "read" a text in a dream once. It was not the correct content of course, but still an interesting alternative.
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    But you aren't really manipulating the "laws of physics' you're just dreaming, it's not real.
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    I don't like them one bit. They are always scary and waking up from them is very hard. Your whole body is paralyzed in real world and useless in dream world.

    They have no impact on the way I look at life. They are just scary and I hate them.
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    your having problems de-paralysing yourself:)

    when your own conscious cant figure a dream out , your subconscious shuts down your own conscious and body ( which is one in a dream) so it can figure out what you cant..

    this confusing paralysis can be down to stress and complications in the wake world......not saying you've got any:)
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    its is real .
    lucid dreaming is as real as now, but you can mess with the physics.
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    No, that is absolutely not true.

    Definition - "A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming." That's all.

    While dreaming, so called *lucid* or not, you are not "in" the real world or affecting the real world, it's just a dream. This is now crackpottery. Closed.
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