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Luis Boya on Max Planck's radiation law

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    http://www.arxiv.org/physics/0402064 [Broken]

    Luis Boya of the University of Zaragoza has written a
    short historical paper on the radiation law of Planck.

    two shortcomings can be noticed
    on page 18, quoting Albert Einstein about Planck's personality
    the author misspells the word "patience"
    he writes "pacience" for this important virtue

    also Boya does not cite the 1899 paper of Planck on
    Irreversible Radiation Processes in which the planck units
    first appeared
    (they predate the famous 1900 radiation law which
    engendered so much of 20th century physics)

    "Ueber irreversible Strahlungsvorgaenge"

    See page 600 of
    Max Planck "Physicalische Abhandlungen und Vortraege"(Braunscheweig 1958)

    the 1899 paper was the fifth and final one in a series presented before the Prussian Academy
    and I think Boya may be discussing this, but he does not include it clearly in his bibliography as far as I can see

    which is not to say it is a bad paper, on the contrary
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    Aren't we being a little pedantic here?

    I'll read it, and see if I have any thoughts... Looks very interesting...

    EDIT: Ah hell, on page 3, in reference to the production of a ideal black body, the author uses "heates" instead of "heats".
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    Write him and tell him, so he can correct the spelling before
    he sends it in for publication.
    His email is

    Or would you rather I emailed him?
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    I'll tell him

    OK OK, LJ lives, scientifically, middle way between Austin (Texas) and Zaragoza (Spain), so some quantity of spanish typos are to be expected in a English preprint.

    In this case, perhaps the whole article is a translation from spanish to english, as it was to be published (and it has been) in a spanish journal.

    I'll tell him about Planck papers; they are already available in the web for free, from the german academy.
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    Re: I'll tell him

    I believe our pedantic tone was intended to be for fun
    not serious
    (as I suspect you understand)

    compliments to LJ Boya for keeping the historical candles burning

    contact with the past = hope for the future
    (both are necessary and irrational)

    I am glad to hear that the article has been published

    please relay our thanks and interest to Boya
    it is nice of him to translate the article into English
    and post it at arxiv
    because then we are able to find it and read it
    (since he intended publication in Spanish he did not
    have to take this extra trouble but I am happy that he did)
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