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Lunar phases?

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    hey guys could anyone help me with this q?

    q)how would the timing and sequence of lunar phase change if the moon moved at the same speed around its orbit but in a different direction?

    i thought it would simply reverse the phases of the moon, but I think the answer needs to be more detailed than this!

    sorry, lecturer is not very good

    any help really appreciated

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    1] Can we assume that "a different direction" is limited to "the opposite direction"? A polar orbit of the Moon would change things.

    2] Considering the Earth also turns on its axis, this means that the Moon's position in our sky would no longer be the usual "rise one hour later every day".
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    A polar moon would crash to Earth within a decade.
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    Well perhaps, but that's not what the problem is about. A moon suddenly reversing its orbit would be bad too, but this is just a teaching exercise.
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