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Lunar space elevator

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    Lunar space elevator....

    Based on my limited understanding of the idea.

    If this system were to omit a rocket or chemical propellant power plant and is not an unbound free traveling vehicle, I would infer, given the distance of the journey the travel time may venture in to the realm of the preposterous.... Am I wrong?
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    A space elevator directly to the moon has the disadvantage that the moon isn't always over the same place on earth making it rather tricky to anchor the bottom of the cable.

    A space elavator from the earth to a geostationary satelite is theoretically quite simple, although a bit of a materials challenge. A simialir elevator from the moons surface to a satelite around the moon is even easier. Going between the two statiosn is pretty easy,
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    How fast the Moon?

    Just supposing you dropped a space elevator from the Moon to the Earth. The bottom doesn't have to be attached to the Earth, the bottom could just, well, sort of dangle there over the surface of the Earth.

    If you did do that, how fast would the dangling tip of the Lunar S.E. move over the surface of the Earth?
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    The earth is rotating (at the equator ) at around 900mph (40,000km in 24hours)
    Even ignoring the motion of the moon that is going to create problems.
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