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Schools Lund University

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    Does anybody know how good the masters degree in physics at Lund University is? Also what topics do they specialize in? I am considering to study there. Currently I am studying at the University of Technology in Vienna.
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    I got my master's degree in physics from Lund University in sweden and I would say that the standards are overall very good. Being that it is one of the biggest universities in sweden they specialize in many subtopics, so you probably want to look through the webpage or so for more info.

    I have since my masters also done a PhD and am now working as a postdoc in Germany, so I can at least say my education has served my well in an international perspective. I can maybe also mention that in an evaluation of the research quality, by an external reviewer, for various departments in Lund the physics department got the highest grades and was called "the crown jewel" of research in Lund, so I think it's a pretty safe bet.

    If you do go however, remember to arrange an apartment as soon as possible as it's a very popular student city, and it's always hard to find housing.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thank you very much for your answer. I have another question regarding the living costs in Lund. I saw estimates from 750 € to 900 € a month. Is it realistic that 750 € are sufficient if I try to minimize spending?
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    yeah, I remember getting by on about 750 euros for a while before I could get a teaching job so I guess it should work. On the other hand that was 10 years ago ;)
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