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Lutheran priest suspended after claiming God, eternal life don't exist

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    Thorkild Grosboel is accused of sowing confusion




    http://www.azcentral.com/offbeat ... fulPriest03-ON.html

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    COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- A Lutheran priest was suspended today after his remarks that God doesn't exist and there is no eternal life rankled many of his peers in Denmark's state church.

    Thorkild Grosboel, the pastor of Taarbaek, a town of 51,000 just north of the capital, Copenhagen, said in a recent interview that ``there is no heavenly God, there is no eternal life, there is no resurrection.''

    The claims have mystified church leaders in the Scandinavian country of 5.3 million, where about 85 percent of the population belongs to the state Evangelical Lutheran Church, yet just 5 percent attend church services regularly.
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    that damn satan is up to no good again!
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    what do you mean ?[?]
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    i was sarcastically inplying that 'satan' had taken over these priests and forced them to denounce their faith. god! you take the fun out of everything!
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