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News Lying politicians

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    We all know that politicians lie. Do the types and level of lying matter, or is party affiliation more important. Are Clinton's sexual escapades more or less important than Bush's evasion about his lost time(desertion?) from the Air National Guard? Do we blast Gore for claiming to have 'Invented the Internet', or do we blast the political strategists who made up that story?
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    Wow, holy loaded question, batman. Types matter and party does not. Clinton's lie matters for several reasons:

    1. It was under oath.
    2. It was about direct dereliction of duty.
    3. It was about something bad enough to get any CEO in the country both fired and sued.
    4. It was something illegal under the UCMJ, which the president SHOULD be held to since he's CINC (I realize he is not held to it though).

    For Bush and the National Guard, I haven't heard a compelling arguement that he in fact deserted.

    Neither. We LAUGH at Gore for not understanding what he was saying.
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    And why was Clinton even asked questions about his sex life, while Bush's possible cocaine conviction, desertion, and shady business practices were glossed over by the 'liberal' media, while focusing on Gore's personality 'flaws'?

    Politicians lie...Bush lies more substantially, about actual issues...Clinton didn't feel like talking about his sex life, big difference.

    Some Bush lies(there are probably thousands)

    http://www.house.gov/appropriations_democrats/caughtonfilm.htm [Broken]

    Those don't matter, of course, because he didn't cheat on his wife?!?
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    Whoa.... what? Cmon, what percentage of CEOs do you suppose are actually faithful? Snide comments on the golf course, maybe, but not fired...

    IMO I would rank the importance as follows:

    1) Deliberate lies/deception about important, illegal government actions or policy: for example, Nixon & Watergate, Reagan & Iran-Contra, the Gulf of Tonkin fiasco.

    2) Deliberate lies/deception about controversial government actions/policy: eg Bush's claims of budget surpluses early on.

    3) (much lower) Lies/deception about a politican's personal public life - military service, draft-dodging, etc.

    4) Lies/deception about a politicans's personal private life - "I did not inhale," "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," etc.
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    Oh please. Bush's EVASION. Evasion isn't straight out LYING to your country. and besides. President Bush hasn't DESERTED us! Not like a certain BILL CLINTON who ran up to canada to avoid getting caught up in the draft!

    EXACTLY! one of the most important points to remember along with him saying this too the whole country.

    Because he is the president and was cheating on his wife that's why! Second you say POSSIBLE cocaine conviction. You have no proof that it actually happened and also how about GORE being an alcholic at one point? "Shady Business practices?" Oh my god. Bill clinton sold secrets to the chinese and many of our enemies including military secrets!
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    but the basic old "Oath of Office" doesn't hold any weight eh?
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    Zero that wasn't my perception at all. I saw lots of people asking about Bush's possible cocaine usage and business practices. The desertion thing is relatively new.

    No, damgo. You miss the point. Sex with an intern or other subordinate in your office will get you fired every time. Adultery is not the issue there. Sexual harassment is such a touchy issue companies don't mess with it any more. The APPEARANCE of impropriety is enough for them to tell you not to bother coming in today - we'll mail you your personal items from your desk.
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    Greetings !
    It was a sexual act for cryin' out loud !
    So what ?!
    So, Clinton was a great politician and president,
    he is known and respected in most parts of the
    world. Everyone's human, in fact, you'd expect
    a great leader to be popular among the ladies...:wink:
    All this attention is truely pathetic. Like the
    British reading royal gossip on the fisrt front
    pages of the newspaper.

    Then again, maybe it's better to have such crap
    as your main news rather than see the more
    "fitting" for such role pictures of war.

    Live long and prosper.
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    na it usually just leads to back scratching or payoffs, only when it gets really heated does it lead to getting fired.
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    I think this is a great example of one reason why politicians get away with lying....
    It always leads to nothing but partisan bickering and one upmanship.
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    Did you even read my post or are you trying to cause trouble? I quoted Russ saying how he was under oath and that DOES include oath of office. He was under that oath until he left office. I said russ was right and merely added he lied to the whole country.

    Riiiiggghhhttt......... so what planet did you say you're from? :wink:
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    I notice that the ONLY lie you all talk about is the one about Clinton's personal life...why is that more interesting than asking about lies about policy?
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    i meant in reference to Bush though.:wink:
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    Give me true straight proof that bush has lied to us. That doesn't come from a Decocratically run station! which eliminates ABC and NBC
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    Clinton had a policy with so many crazy twists it hurts my head to even think about it. And Bush has not lied about policy The website you gave is run strictly by democrats. I truly hope that since the republics have finally regained the majority in the senate so we don't have to put up with more ALL DEMOCRATIC crap that they shut down or change some of the democrats lying websites.

    Oh please Gore is an idiot if any politcal strategist said that I would be surprised. Like anyone believed him?!
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    Tell me something,

    let me know if this is wrong. ->NBC - owned by Disney(republican) , CBS - owned by GE(republican) , ABC - owned by ?(I don't remember)(Likely republican also) anyone?
  18. Apr 2, 2003 #17
    Please you're suggesting THEM republican? No. If they were republican owned then the owner has either had their powers robbed from them or you are dead wrong. Watch those programs! They are almost all anti republican. Fox is an equal balance of republicans and democrats and you guys complain about them all the time. I never here anything about NBC or ABC or CBS. They cut parts out of interviews. And NBC or ABC (cant remember which) didn't even play one of president Bushes speeches. So republican owned? DOUBT IT
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    I don't either, why do people people concentrate on the lies in reference to the lewinsky scandal when there were so many more?

    For instance, Clinton said: "I expect to review our arms sales policy and to take it up with the other major arms sellers of the world as a part of a long-term effort to reduce the proliferation of weapons."

    But instead, while he was at the helm, arm sales more then doubled.

    There were many more lies..I could go on..but I think it's absolutely stupid to go partisan on this. Divide and conquer..:wink:
    as long as you turn dishonest politicing into a partisian argument..you allow them to continue.
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    Yeah, like when everyone(including Clinton) lied and said that Clinton was liberal? I think both parties lie, in different ways. The Republicans lie constantly about Democrats to give the impression that the far Right is a centrist point of view. Th e Democrats lie by saying they are liberal, while only being Republican-lite.
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  21. Apr 5, 2003 #20
    "Politics is the game of scoundrals"

    - Oscar Wilde

    This thread started off with the attempt to discuss the nature of politicians and it has become that along with accusations of "your president did that" or "your president did this".

    My modest suggestion: Let's not try to focus on particular individuals or parties but, as the topic suggests, the nature of politicians.
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