Lyx - creating new math symbols or combining symbols


Does anyone know of a way to define new math symbols in LyX, or define a command for putting symbols together in new ways?

For instance, let's say I wanted to define a command \fivefour that I could enter while in math mode that would stack the number 5 directly on top of the number 4 (when I say "on top of", I don't mean "above" - I mean "superimposed on", as in at the exact same x- and y-location on the computer screen. What would be even more useful is if I could do this, while at the same time resizing and repositioning the 4 by a custom amount - eg., the command \fivefour in math mode superimposes a a number 4 that is 1/3 the size of the 4 symbol, and is vertically displaced by 1mm and horizontally displaced by 2mm, onto a number 5.

I am anticipating some responses to the effect of, "don't bother with LyX, just learn LaTeX". I agree completely, and in fact becoming proficient in LaTeX is something I very much want to do - but right now, I just don't have the time. I am hoping to learn it either over Thanksgiving weekend or winter break, but for right now, LyX is the tool I have, so any advice within the scope of LyX would be very much appreciated.

Thanks very much for any help that you can give.

-HJ Farnsworth

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