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M 6.5 quake, eastern central Philippines

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    hi all

    The seismic waves have finally started to fade away after todays M6.5 quake in the Philippines
    Centred in the northern part of the island of Leyte

    M 6.5 - 3km NNE of Masarayao, Philippines
    Time: 2017-07-06 08:03:57 (UTC)
    Location: 11.114°N 124.633°E
    Depth: 6.5 km

    170706 0803UT M6.5 Nthrn Leyte, Philippines zhi.gif

    regional location map ....

    6.5 phils 1.JPG

    zoomed in ....

    6.5 phils 2.JPG

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