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M.A.Sc. or B.Eng?

  1. Sep 9, 2014 #1
    I'm sure you guys are sick of questions like these but I thought that I should ask anyway. Earlier this year I graduated with a B.Sc. joint major in Physics and Applied Math and while I enjoyed most of the program the job search since graduating has me doubting whether or not I would be happy with most of the usual career paths. Recently I have been considering the prospect of an engineering career and I am trying to weigh my options. As much as I enjoy sciences I would rather work in an industry that would allow me to be a little creative. The course I perhaps enjoyed most was an engineering design course I took while deciding on a major. I also have a great interest in aviation (I spent my summers flying as a teenager) so an aerospace career also interests me. Over the past few months I have been looking into engineering related M.A.Sc. programs at universities such as Carlton, McMaster and UBC. This would seem like the best option however my average is just meeting the minimum requirements now which obviously doesn't give me much of a competitive advantage. At the advice of a former professor I'm taking classes to give my average a boost (both retaking previous courses and some new ones). Realistically I imagine that my average would be around 78% after the winter semester. I guess my question is am I wasting my time? Would it be more realistic to do and engineering undergrad? It would take longer (five years vs three) but it is a coop program so I would at least gain some work experience from it. Any advice would be appreciated.

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