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M.E. ?s

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    im in my second year at college and i have just been taking math sci and eng clases to get them out of the way because i am undecided about what i want to do. I really like math and physics they have been my favorite classes so far. So i was thinking maybe majoring in mech eng. could some one who works in this feild tell me what a typical day of work is like for them how much i can expect to make with a BSME and if i will have difficulty finding a job. i dont want to get into a feild where i can not find a job well i suppose no one does so any info you guys can give me would be great
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    that is a short question for a long answer. If this is any conciliation, I am a junior in M.E. and I know that engineers are in high demand now and in the future. I am looking to start at around $50,000 at an aerospace firm if I were to go there with a B.S. degree in ME from a recognized engineering college. It depends where one's interests are and that may or may not factor in to what money really means in a job. I could make a lot more ($70,000) if I went to work at an oil company I've heard from my professors. I like aircraft and I am willing to take that "drop" in pay to do something I like.
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