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M&M strike again

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    Remember the Hockeystick of Mann et al, the mainstay of IPCC?

    The prepublication.

    Is revolution on?
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    Revolution? Maybe. But $10 says certain posters here still link to the hockeystick anyways.

    I'm not sure I'd call it the mainstay of the IPCC though.
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    The Dutch paper "Natuur Wetenschap & Techniek" opens the hostilities openly.

    http://www.natutech.nl/nieuwsDetail.lasso?ID=2566&-session=NTses:D42BBCBC00FA5594DE6EC497AA7DC17E [Broken]

    "Bewijs achter Kyoto deugt niet": The proof of Kyoto is faulty

    It narrates about the paper of M&M linked to previously. The result is a climate policy re-evalution congress shortly with this on the agenda.

    At least the discussion is on, which is quite incredible in The Netherlands, doubting Global Warming, that is.

    Quite interesting is: http://www.natutech.nl/nieuwsDetail.lasso?ID=2564&-session=NTses:D42BBCBC00FA5594DE6EC497AA7DC17E [Broken] the questions to MBH and the answers of Michael Mann:

    http://www.natutech.nl/nieuwsDetail.lasso?ID=2565&-session=NTses:D42BBCBC00FA5594DE6EC497AA7DC17E [Broken]
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    Having actually reading these papers, "something i urge people to do",
    I find myself at a loss, If the criticisms of Mann's papers are correct, and
    they seem to be, then all he has done is produce a load of public ally miss
    leading mumbo jumbo.
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    Well at least the discussion is on. An interesting page here as well

    http://davidappell.com/archives/00000579.htm#comments [Broken]

    I don't think that MBH actually intend to produce misleading information, but it may have been a slippery slope with several slightly biased choices together produced something unrealistic to the neutral eye.
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    Some more usefull info of M&M

    So it's all about that mysterious Bristle cone pine. Have a look http://www.eman-rese.ca/eman/reports/publications/Forest/images/page16.gif [Broken]. Note that the undamaged pine tree continues on an even pace trough time, whereas the "strip bark" damaged version starts an increased growth.

    Now carefully avoiding the "post hoc" fallacy but could there be a correlation between damage like stripping bark and reactive abnormal growth? And if so, could the hockeystick be mostly based on the damage of trees?
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    For the Dutch and Belgians,

    Steve McIntyre is being interviewed right now to be on Dutch Television: KRO Netwerk tonite, I believe some 9:30 PM.
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