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M. Night Shaymalan

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    So, I just watched Lady in the Water a second time, and... BTW I have seen all of his films and am a fan of them all... I have to say, his films deserve to make so much more money than they actually make.

    It's nice to see someone who actually cares about film making. Someone who is doing something original. Its such a relief to see films that aren't based around excessive violence and sex. When one of these kind of films comes around I feel that I need to tell others about it. If you have the chance, watch his films (I especially recommend Unbreakable)
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    Thanks for the tip on "Lady in the Water"..I haven't seen it yet. I also enjoy his films. Have you noticed he makes, at least, a cameo appearance, in every movie he's made (though I can't say for Lady in the Water, yet). At least one movie he has a regular part, "Signs" I think it was.. In "The Village" he appears in a reflection. In "Unbreakable" I believe he was walking by with the crowd on the sidewalk. These cameo appearances are a nod to one of his favorite directors, Alfred Hitchcock. He also likes to use Philadelphia, as a backdrop.
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    The biggest criticism I heard about Lady in the Water was that he played too big a role - and an important one at that. Critics called him arrogant. Not a legitimate reason to dislike a movie, imo, so I think they were too hard on him.

    I liked it.
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    The great thing about is films is the palpable atmosphere. There is always a slight slow motion/dreamlike edge. It's similar to David Lynch, but not so heavy handed. Regardless of the particular plot of a given film, his film are always worth watching for enjoyment of his sense of atmosphere.

    Sixth Sense is his best known, but I very much enjoyed Unbreakable as well.
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    I like the sixth sense...Hated The Village though...
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    I liked The Village. I wasn't fond of Unbreakable though, and I've never seen Sixth Sense.
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