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M.S. MatSci from B.S. Biochem

  1. Jul 31, 2012 #1
    This fall, I'm about to start my 5th year as an undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in Biochemistry. Long story short, I declared biochemistry in the fall of my senior year without having taken many science or math courses. It's been a tough road cramming 21 credits into last fall, 19 last winter, 13 more credits this summer over two half terms. I've got two more terms full course loads for this upcoming year as well.

    Upon graduation next spring, I plan to take a "glide year" to get job experience, and work on grad school applications. Even though my concentration is in biochem, I'd like to move into the field of materials science engineering. So I'm wondering if that is possible for someone who has studied a chemical science, but not engineering as an undergrad?

    Also, any tips to improve my competitiveness for M.S. programs in MatSci & good schools to apply to, would be greatly appreciated.
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    Did you take 1 year of physical chemistry? If you did straight chemistry, then you would have been required to take that, and MSE grad programs will probably accept you if your other credentials are good but I don't know about biochem.
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    The biochem major at my university has similar requirements to the other chem majors here. The straight chem majors need to take specific chem classes depending on which kind of chemistry they're focusing in. For biochem, we take the same prereq's, but also have biology class reqs as well (intro bio & genetics)

    For physical chem, I've taken both general chem & physical chemistry. This fall I'm going to be taking a 500-level course on the physical organic chemistry as well.

    My main concern about admissions is the fact that I've never taken intro engineering classes and/or classes in programming with C++.

    Also would I need to take Calc III before applying? Ive taken I, II & am currently enrolled in differential equations.
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    Don't worry about it if you've taken GenChem and Pchem. Everything you need for Matsci you can pick up on the way. Doesn't matter if you don't know C++, the MatSci majors at my school only need Matlab to graduate and most don't know C++.
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