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Homework Help: M/s/s Help

  1. Oct 6, 2006 #1
    Could someone please tell me how to get m/s/s out of m/s
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    Uh, divide by "s"? :confused: :confused:

    I'm not seeing what your real question is...
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    Maybe s/he means how to find acceleration from velocity?
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    That is what I mean.
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    velocity over time? (v/t)
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    Acceleration is ft/secĀ² is it the same for meters even though in metric it is written as m/s/s? That is my question. Maybe I am just to lame to get this stuff. But I am confused.
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    This is a completely different question than you started out with!
    Do you understand that?

    To answer your new question:
    How many feet are there to the meter?
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