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M theory questions

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    Ok I am very new to all of this, so my understanding is somewhat basic. The way I understand it is that m theory supposedly explains the big bang as a point in time where 2 membranes collided and the energy caused was the start of the universe. These membranes aren't flat but rippled, so they hit at multiple locations which is why matter is placed in clumps throughout the universe. My question is if it is true that there were multiple impacts points, why wasn't there a "bang" at each of them, instead of just one big transferrence of energy in a single point?

    Also, it seems that everyone thinks that these membranes, while rippled, were smooth, as in not sticky. I am wondering if the two wouldn't have possibly stuck together in points, like if you pressed 2 pieces of taffy together, and when pulled apart they may have stuck together in small spots creating kind of long string like attatchments, or maybe tunnel like. The real point of this question is, is it possible that there may be small parts still stuck to the other membrane through these stretched out attatchments, or is the only time you would really be able to connect with this membrane is at the singularity at the beginning of the big bang?
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